Thursday, January 22, 2009

New hours--saturday 6-9am 88.1fm, kzsc santa cruz

hey everyone, shalom! It has been wayyyy too long since I've written in this puppy....the show WAS going to be moved to 8-10am on saturdays, but now it has changed to 6-9am saturdays...hey, I just do what the radio station tells me! As long as they keep me on the air so that I can bring you all the best jewish music and jewish artists...across time and across borders!!! I did some great stuff since the last blog, but I'll have to fill you in some other time. Please listen this saturday...I've got some great NEW JEWISH music and fun surprises in store for y'all!!!!!!!!!! Love ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on, Jewish style!

shalom and shaboom,


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