Saturday, October 18, 2008

halloween special and live music coming up!!!

hey! oy-dog here!

please stay tuned to next week's show, october 25th...we will be doing a halloween special, jewish style, as well as our fall fundraiser for the station. Your support is very much appreciated, so c' us out! If you pledge during my show, it would mean much to me!!! You know, just to say to the station and the public, "hey, I like the show musical jews, and I am glad that there is a station here in santa cruz that is willing to give a show like this a chance!"

Also, don't forget, there are two great live music shows coming up at the catalyst in november...first, on November 13th, HaDag Nachash, the israeli hip-hop superstars, will be playing, and then on November 24th, reggae-jewish superstar Matisyahu will be playing...I will be at those show, and I hope you will too! I am still trying to land an interview with HaDag Nachash, but don't know if that will happen...we shall see! Anyhow, take care and I'll talk to ya soon!



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