Saturday, March 28, 2009

daniel kahn and the painted bird @ don quixote's & 'Musical Jews' Anniversary show


this monday night at 7:30, catch Daniel Kahn and the Painted Bird @ Don Quixote's right here in Felton on highway 9! It should be a blast...They are an amazing Jewish Band,and they will have you dancing yourselves into a riotous frenzy! You don't want to miss this great local show on monday night, march 30th.

Also, Don't forget, the 'musical jews' 1 year anniversary show is this saturday, april 4th. I will be playing all of my favorite jewish tunes that have been featured on the show over the last year.

thanks for tunin' in!!!


Friday, March 13, 2009


thanks to all who helped me raise mucho dinero for the kzsc pledge drive this past saturday...the 'Musical jews' 1 year anniversary is coming up very soon! I will be playing all of my favorite songs and spoken word from the show over the past year, so you won't want to miss it! also, the annual passover special show is coming up soon as well! Stay tuned over th next few weeks for these and other splendiferous surprises!



good stuff:

"Klezmer Mongrels" by Geoff Berner

"Citizen Boris" by Golem!

"Silver and Ash" by Clare Burson

check 'em out!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

pledge drive, sat. march 7th, 6-9am, 'musical jews', kzsc!

Hey everyone, shalom!

Oy-dog here to remind everyone that KZSC's spring pledge drive will begin this thursday, and we will be trying to raise money for the station on 'Musical Jews' on Saturday, March 7th from 6-9am, 88.1fm, kzsc. I know that times are tough right now for everyone, but if you dig the show, and you like what you hear every saturday morning, it would mean a lot to me for you to donate $10, or $20 to show your support for 'Musical Jews' and KZSC. It would also show the powers that be at KZSC that you really want this show to stay on the air and that you feel that it is an important part of the programming schedule at the station, as they do crdit each show with the money that is raised during their broadcasting day/time. So please, show your support! Call and talk with me and make a donation of any size on March 7th from 6-9am at (831) 459-4036, (831) 459-KZSC, or (831) 459-2811. I promise to do my part and keep bringing you diverse and exciting Jewish music across time and borders for the rest of the year! Just help me and KZSC out this time!