Thursday, January 13, 2011

Upcoming show specials--Mitch Levitsky & Holocaust remembrance show

Hey Y'all, Shalom!

Oy-Dog here. I know that I hardly ever write in this thing, but my life is extremely complicated, as I'm sure most of yours are, so you know how it iz!!!! Anyhow, Happy new year, and stay tuned for a coupe of upcoming show specials over the next few weeks. Also, kzsc's new winter programming schedule starts next week, Jan. 17th (MLK day!) "Musical Jews" will still be on Thursdays from 8:30-10:30, so not to worry, kids! Anyhow here are two special shows coming up in January!

January 20th: "Musical Jews" celebrates famous Jewish/Yiddish radio personality MITCH LEVITSKY!!!!
Levitsky was a legend in the Jewish radio business. He was featured on NPR's "Yiddish radio project" and was an advertising legend on WEVD radio. One of his most famous accounts was for Joe & Paul's clothiers on New York's Lower East Side! I am very pleased to report that his son, Burt Levitsky, a Santa Cruz resident and local painter/artist, will be my featured guest for this show! We will be discussing his father and the amazing fact that the Barry Sisters performed at his Bar Mitzvah! Amazing! We will also be playing music from the era and songs featured from a radio special that Levitsky did back in the day!

January 27th: I will be doing a Holocaust remembrance show, featuring songs inspired by the tragic events of the Holocaust. January 27th is the official Holocaust memorial day, as it is believed to be the day that the prisoners were freed from the camps by Russian and/or American soldiers following WW II.

Also of interest: There is an exhibit at the Jewish museum in San Francisco right now featuring art that was owned by Jews that was looted by the Nazis during the Holocaust. The featured art has been recovered and returned ti its rightful owners, and is just an amazing fraction of the invaluable works that were taken by the Nazis during WW II. Word has it that admission to the museum is free on MLK day (Jan. 17th!)

That's it for now...

stay tuned for updates on cool upcoming special shows, exciting new releases and local events!

Shalomey Homeys!