Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goodbye JDUB records...Jewish music will never be the same :(

I can't believe it, but JDUB records has announced that they have decided to call it quits. For nearly a decade, JDUB has been the place to go to discover some of the most interesting and eclectic new Jewish music around. They are responsible for getting Matisyahu's career off the ground, and while they may be best known for that, to me they are so much more. I started doing "Musical Jews" three years ago, and at the time I really didn't know exactly what my show was going to sound like. I wanted it to represent Jewish identity through music over the past century. I wanted it to sound Jewish, so that when somebody tuned in at any time during the broadcast, they would know exactly what show they were listening to and that it represented a distinct ethnic identity and heritage through music. JDUB's family of musicians have been instrumental over the years in helping me to achieve that sound. Artists such as Socalled, Golem!, Deleon, The Sway Machinery, the Macaroons, Balkan Beat Box and yes, even Matisyahu, brought a depth and excitement to my show that has made it what it is today (which is something that I'm proud of). Basically, I think that it is safe to say that I wouldn't have a show if I hadn't discovered the musicians on the JDUB store website. I am eternally in their debt. JDUB records created an identity for their young Jewish followers through their blog, merchandise, concerts/events and most of all, the musical artists on their label. They made many feel as if they were a part of something special. They helped make "Jewish" a cool and good thing today. They fostered pride and hipness within the community. The founders and contributors of JDUB should not hang their heads today; they should feel forever proud for the indelible mark that they have left on the Jewish community and the musical community at large. I am at a loss...I can say to you honestly that as long as I continue to do my show, it will not be the same without JDUB there to keep releasing great Jewish music for me to play. And while my show may suffer from this loss, it inspires me to continue playing all the best, fun eclectic new Jewish music and Jewish artists across time and borders that I can find. Goodbye for now, JDUB. Perhaps someday you will return, perhaps in a new form, to keep promoting Jewish visibility through music in your own amazing way. Until then, shalom and thanks for doing so many amazing things in the past nine years. Oy-Dog.