Friday, February 6, 2009

what's happenin' now!

hey everyone, oy-dog here...well I just wanted to reccomend some great new music for you:

What's hot:

1. The barry sisters: Our Way--so, so good! seventies top-forty hits sung in Yiddish by the singing jewish sister act who by the time this album was released, had traded in their swing dance skirts and heels for polyester bell bottoms -- but they still rocked it!!! Wassup, wassup, you know what i'm sayin'...

2. Jamie Saft, "Black Shabbis"-- what can I say -- Jewish death metal at its finest--I never thought that I'd be able to say that sentence--but I often dreamed of it. Saft has created a death-metal album of songs that remind the listener that anti-semitism is alive and well around the world, and we cannot ignore or forget it. I can't stop listening to this one!!! Go buy it right now! I command you! In the name of jewish death metal and all other things holy!!!
3. Golem! 'Citizen Boris' --fantastic gypsy-klezmer rock from one of the best bands out there! 'tuchesses and nenes' is a song for the ages! this is a must-have release, coming february 10th.
4. the sway machinery--'hidden melodies revealed' --another fantastic album by this jewish rock super-group, featuring members of the yeah yeah yeahs, antibalas and balkan beat box. Great, rockin' jewish soundzzz!!!
the Great Zeigfeld--a rare movie performance from Fanny Brice is the highlight in this one: not to be missed!
Defiance: daniel craig leads a terrific cast in this film about jewish soldiers.
Waltz With Bashir: fantastic Israeli film featuring intensely animated images!!!

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