Wednesday, May 6, 2009

'Musical Jews' Mother's Day Celebration! Sat. May 9th

Famous Jewish
mother Ida Morgenstern
says: Listen to me!! and Listen
to Dj Oy-Dog on 'Musical Jews'!!

Ah-oy there, maytees!

Dj Oy-Dog here reminding you to tune into the show this saturday, May 9th from 8-10 for the "musical Jews mother's day celebration extravaganza!" I will be playing the greatest songs and spoken word from Jewish artists talking about the INFAMOUS, ICONICAL, INTERROGATIONAL, INSUFFERABLE, IMPLACABLE, IRRESISTABLE, JEWISH MOTHER!!!!!!! Oh, and we can't forget the Grandmothers (Bubbys) as well!!! You won't want to miss it! Tune your dials to 88.1fm, kzsc in Santa Cruz, or Stream it live @ to celebrate your favorite Balebostes!!!

it will be Oy-Vey-Riffic!!!!!



oh, and don't forget to check out "Carne Masada' by the Hip-Hop Hoodios on itunes. You can buy the album and if you don't like it completely, the Hoodios will refund your money in a "Reverse-Madoff" style! You can just email them the receipt. For Shalomizzle!!! Check out their myspace page if U don't believe me!!!!!!!

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