Friday, April 24, 2009

Musical time...same great sound!


oy-dog here...'Musical Jews is now on from 8-10am on saturday mornings on kzsc, Santa Cruz, 88.1fm or livestreaming on make a note of it!!!! Got a bunch of new great jewish music coming your way this saturday and all of the saturdays to come...thanks for listening, if you are means so much to me to do this show and to spread my love of eclectic Jewish sounds around.

shalom and rock on!!!!

DJ Oy-Dog.

buy these now:

Sway Machinery "Hidden Melodies Revealed"

Pissuk Rachav "Eretz Hakodesh"

Fa-Cock-Ta "Loxstarz"

Hip Hop Hoodios "Carne Masada (greatest hits)" --COMING SOON!!!!!

Daniel Kahn and the Painted Bird "Partisans and Parasites"

Rent: "Waltz With Bashir"

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