Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Annual Hanukkah show Next Tuesday December 27th!!!

Hey y'all!

Oy-Dog here. Today, December 20th and next Tuesday December 27th are both "Muzikal Jewz" holiday shows. Today is the "Chrismukkah" show. We'll be spinnin' some great hanukkah tunes (since tonight is the first night of hanukkah!!!) as well as some Jewish Christmas tunes (you'll just have to listen to understand this), and there are some fun surprises in store for a few loyal, lucky listeners. Next Tuesday is the 4th annual Hanukkah show. Some of my favorite hanukkah tunes will be played, and there are even more surprises in store!

Traditionally, these have been some of the most popular and fun "Muzikal Jewz" shows of the year, so you don't want to miss them. If you're not in the holiday spirit yet, they'll surely get you there!



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