Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Musical Jews" 3 year anniversary special

Shalom Y'all!

Hard to believe it, but "Musical Jews" will be celebrating its 3 year anniversary this coming Thursday. For my very first show of the new KZSC spring schedule, I will be spinning 3 of everything on the show, whether it be 3 Barbra Streisand songs or 3 songs about Jewish cowboys. It should be a fun event. I want to thank everyone who has shown their love and support for the show over the years, and even those who have shown their anger and dislike toward it. All of your responses have helped me to make this show what it is today, and I am pretty proud of it. Hopefully, there will be a "Musical Jews" show on kzsc for another 3 years! If anyone even reads this thing anymore (not sure), feel free to respond before Thursday with some "3" themes to add to my anniversary playlist for the April 14th show. And don't forget, the "Musical Jews" show for April 21st will be the annual Passover extravaganza!

Peace and Shalom!


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Andy said...

Listening right now....mazel tov on 3 years, thanks for bringing the chutzpah to KZSC. Highlight of an often great station