Thursday, July 3, 2008

you don't mess with the...?

okay, okay, so I finally saw "you don't mess with the Zohan." Let me start by saying that I've never been a Sandler fan (although I think that his 'hunakkah' song is a classic), so I was a bit dubious going in. The thought of an Israeli james bond-turned hairdresser in NY really appealed to me I'll just say that it had some good moments and some lam moments. I felt like I got suckered into sitting through a brainless, cheap-o, half-assed idea of a movie about half way through. The sex jokes wore thin after a while. I was pleasantly surprised that the Zohan had a big package beneath his underwear, and it was a bit funny when it turned out to be a giant bush of hair that made it look so 'endowed' down there. Lainie Kazan as the horny older jewish mother was amusing at first, but even that bit turned into a one-trick pony. This movie was ultimately filled with so many cliches' and stereotypes that I was bored and actually fell asleep near the end. I do like the message about 'following your heart and dreams', but I feel that it was mired in such banal sit-com goo that I had a hard time seeing it. The fish in the ass was kind of funny (you'll know if you see it), but overall, I give this movie just an "oy" out of a possible "oy-vey-riffic!". Music is good--the israeli band HaDag Nachash is featured prominently, so hopefully they will become even huger international popstars!!!!!! However, so is Mariah Scarey, and I'm not a big Mariah I'll just say this movie was not really for me , but it might be for someone else.

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